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Wireless clients may move from one coverage area to another seamlessly without network interruption. Change the wireless clients to use another radio channel if interference is high. When the communication quality drops below a certain level, the ZyAIR automatically switches to a lower transmission data rate. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose. An AP acts as a bridge between the wireless stations and the wired network.

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This is called roaming. Note This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class Zysir limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus set out in the radio interference regulations of Industry. Make sure that the computer and the peer computer s share the same security option and key. Refer to Section 5. Change the wireless clients to use another radio channel if interference is high.

B220 Wireless USB Dongle User Manual ZyAIR Wireless LAN Utility ZyXEL Communications Corporation

An AP acts as a bridge between the wireless stations and the wired network. Steps may vary depending on the version of Windows.


Relocate or reduce the radio interference. Otherwise skip to Step 5.

Neither does it convey any license under its patent rights nor the patents’ rights of others. Move the slider to set the fragmentation threshold.

Preamble Type Select a preamble type from the drop-down list menu. Wireless devices must have the same SSID to communicate with each other. Refer to the next section for Profile field descriptions. No access points Zuair or existing wired networks are needed. However, short preamble mode is supported by IEEE If the icon is not present, proceed to Step 2.


When prompted, click Yes to remove the driver and the utility software. Link Info The following table describes the fields in this screen. Wireless clients can then access resource, such as the printer, on the wired network. It is highly recommended that you set the value ranging from 0 to Configure the wireless LAN security using the Security screen.

To verify that you have successfully connected to the selected network, check the network information in the Link Info screen. Configuration Follow the instructions in the table below to configure the wireless LAN related parameters.

Download ZyAIR B IEEE b USB Adapter

About The following table describes the read-only fields in this screen. Short preamble mode allows less processing time for the transmitted data packets.


It contains a detailed easy-to-follow connection diagram and information on installing your ZyAIR. When a Connect to Wireless Network zyiar displays, click Advanced…. To associate to an ad-hoc network, you must enter the same SSID as the peer ad-hoc computer. This warranty shall not apply if the product is modified, misused, tampered with, damaged by an act of God, or subjected to abnormal working conditions.

Search Click Search to scan for available wireless device within transmission range. Thus the wireless stations can associate with any AP zayir listen to any data transmitted plaintext.

Driver Zyxel ZyAIR B-220 4.0.0

It encrypts unicast and multicast communications in a network. Auto authentication mode allows the ZyAIR to switch between the open and shared zzyair authentication modes automatically. Blue Good link quality or link strength.