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All are very long and legal. For a golfer with a slower swing speed, it is less. Big , but that seems awfully big to buy and try. Well, where can i find one of these clubs? He then asks me,”so how far could you hit a driver without any restrictions?

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This is not even considering the fact as to their legality, as I am aware not everyone really cares about the rules but play to enjoy the game. Wedges are in good preowned condition grips are good.

That translates into about a 25yd gain at a mph headspeed vs yds. The bigger the head the farther it wishon 90l wison in theory as the face becomes like a trampoline and the sweet spot is bigger. CT relationship is linear – is a COR of. Others Leave a comment: Tom Wishon October 26, I personally would hate to build my game around the crutch of a illegal club.

I personally would hate to build my game around the crutch of a illegal club. Seems that the money may be better spent on a driver, conforming or not, iwshon is fitted by a professional to your needs and could possibly buy you quite a few more yards just by matching your swing, with alot more certainty.


A couple years back i played around with a Bang DYTI cc head and once you get above the current cc the drag starts to get out of hand.

For me, the biggest issue is the Ping will roll over too easily and produce some nasty hooks that were rare with the others, but the others have a sweet spot about the size of a nickel, the Ping wison similar distance from damn near anywhere on the face, it also has more gear effect which can mean a longer miss.

Plus it is only vs.

Wishon Golf

Log in or Sign up. I can see a cc head with a huge COR and hitting drives yards. This is the Wishon Series S2R 5 model putter. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. I know it’s more work to condition your body, but that’s a better way to get more distance and better game.

Global Golf occasionally has non conforming versions available, or do a Ebay search. I dunno, but it was blue, and both of those were blue. Who knows, you may want to play in a wisnon one day, and if your driver is non conforming you’d be SOL.

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play wsihon where to play. No I absolutely can’t stand the commercial.


This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Mar 14, Messages: Spuzz oh, and it is non-conforming I believe.

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Never really thought about it but it is interesting to think about what the manufactures could do if there were not restrictions at all. I have heard great things about this company, wishon 90l this driver in wishon 90l. I certainly doubt 90ll with my current knowledge I would take the risk, even if I did not care about the rules. Rickochet Looks like something right up Spuzz’s alley. Selecting a Scan Mode The feeder also automatically turns over two-sided originals to make one- or two-sided prints.

May 18, Wishon 90l 18, Author: No, create an account now. Pw has Grip One Grip. Also shop in Also shop in. DC Seems to have little interest Sooooo Far. You are using a theme designed for your browser.