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Thermal conditions There are no any complains about its thermal conditions. I think it is the quietest drive I’ve ever seen. Intel Pentium4 – socket mobo: The drive is unusually small: More about intermittent fault sony ddu

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The drive is unusually small: These are my specs: I don’t have an answer to your problem, but can you send your DVD discs that you have problem playing along with the ddu16221 to the supplier and see if it tests out ok too? Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Intermittent Fault on Sony DDU DVD – Storage – Tom’s Hardware

In my analysis, it is the player itself, but when I returned it to the supplier, they said it ssony out OK. Test 1 Track For example, the first time I played ‘Men In Black’, it played perfectly, every other time after that it gets stuck. Ask a new question. Write a comment below.


Video 3Digests Video cards: The drive read the MBytes disc quite good, though there was an error during reading the last files, but when we pressed “Continue” the reading was resumed. Did I overlook this? Occasionally it will recover after about 15 minutes, other times my pc has to be reset. The front panel has a rubber pad to reduce noise during operation and provide dustproofing.

The data were read after an intensive 2-hour operation: The disks all work on my friend’s players. Vibration When the drive worked with badly balanced CDs it didn’t shine. Intel Pentium4 – socket mobo: The time of dcu1621 copying is 6 min.

But no whistle could be heard obviously due to the rubber pad. It had problems from the first time I played it, sometimes DVD disks are played perfectly, sometimes not.

This should prove whether the problem is in your drive or not. Such dimensions solve a problem of housing a drive inside a system block. The drive came in an OEM version.


Sony DDU1621 Dvd-rom IDE Desktop Drive White 5555

The drive also vibrated when it read normal CDs. I am really stumped at what to do. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The programs allow settings any specified speed.

Can anyone tell me how to prove that this is, or is not the player? The vibration was quite noticeable. The most noisy was operation of starting ddi1621 engine.

: SONY DDU SONY 16X DVD / 40X CDROM, IDE (DDU): Computers & Accessories

I think it is the quietest drive I’ve ever seen. The film ‘Seven’ always gets stuck after about 5 minutes. GeForce Ti – Mb cpu: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: I thought this could be an issue with newer DVD’s, but older disks have the problem too.