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We will examine the respective aspects of the chip’s performance. This is quite rational, as vertex shaders can be emulated by almost any modern processor, unlike pixel shaders. BioShock Infinite and Metro: SiS’s chip powers secondary displays. But it makes it awfully.

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Graphics Previous page Next page. BioShock Infinite and Metro: This company is mostly known in China and Taiwan.

This is a scourge of the today’s life! However, DX8 does have a software vertex shader implementation, so cards without vertex shaders can lean on the CPU for vertex shader handling. Xabr support of pixel shaders 1. Undoubtedly, the new family can’t boast of perfect architecture or performance.

Quality in other tests and games won’t be examined today because soon we will publish next 3Digest with a lot of screenshots from many games and comments on quality of the Xabre.

The chip failed to work higher than at MHz. The latter leads thanks to the higher core frequency. Here, as you now, there are three important factors: Obviously, the pixel shaders are realized quite “cheaply”, which results in their low performance. Corsair Sls gaming PC sets sail.


For comparison we used the following cards: Xabre is currently available in three flavors, the Xabre, and 80, but we’ll be concentrating on the Xabre for the purposes of this review. Pixelizer Engine Xabre incorporates a PS 1.

Xabre Rattling – SiS’s New Graphics Chip

Note that it’s impossible to disable the VSync. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

Applications will have to be intelligent enough to recognize that the Xabre has pixel shaders but not vertex shaders. It provides two advantages: It makes no sense to cool down chips only from the right side. The Technology Page 4: Bump Mapping Dot3 Here the Xabre performs excellently, thanks to 4 pixel pipelines.

SiS’s Xabre graphics processor – The Tech Report – Page 1

Before we turn to the card in question, I must say that Triplex covers all its PCBs with a thin layer of silver. At x xabr score the same results although the MX doesn’t support pixel shaders and doesn’t have Game4 results. The picture below shows that the PCB is really covered with silver: I hope SIS will soon release better drivers.


SiS kept Xabre’s transistor count low by leaving out vertex shaders. But the breakthrough from its previous products is great – the new chip possesses a noticeable architectural advantage so far unobtainable for other competitors of this niche. So, overclocking is almost impossible here. It’s well seen the memory is not enough. Find out the answers to these questions and more as we take an in-depth look at SiS’s Xabre graphics chip. Now let’s turn to the xahre device.

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