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I have a client that I talked into buying the MAC version of this scanner and I receive scans electronically from him. When I want to use it, I unfold it and that automatically turns it on. Sparks, caused by static electricity, generated when blowing off dust and dirt from the outside of the scanner may cause a fire. November 10, at 2: The main reasons why I like this scanner are:

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Fujitsu has also made it much easier to send scans straight to Acrobat, which overcomes the biggest reason that the lack of a TWAIN driver was a problem. When I want to use it, I unfold it and that automatically turns it on. My idea is to scan every customer PO and stop printing invoice copies for the office paper files. JRV, thank you for pointing out my error.

I have tried everything and I am sure there is some way to do this. Thanks for a great article. We are looking to purchase one of these for my husbands business, however the only thing we cannot find is if you can export reports into Excel.

The scansnap is the best office tool that I own. I purchased a ix and thought it had capability to scan as a.

Why Doesn’t ScanSnap come with TWAIN drivers? – Fujitsu ScanSnap

The S is a very likable scanner at a time when small businesses and law offices are scanning everything they see. The Doc Center is a free feature in QuickBooksbut it is a totally 1s500 way to store documents. It was working fine before I left and now there is no power to it at all.


I reasoned that the hardware was already there, it ought to have been possible to offer a TWAIN option in parallel with the proprietary interface. What this means is that you have two choices when working with this scanner — use software that has specifically included Fujitsu ScanSnap compatibility, or scan your documents to a PDF file and include them in your application that way.

This process may not sound too difficult, but for users who are unfamiliar with scanning, a simpler and easy-to-use device might be a better option. The S, as you point out, is one of the few scanners that offers neither. Bryan, good to hear from you! I wanted to let you know that in my office I have 3 work stations and there is a way to share this S scanner over a LAN. March 24, at 3: We have Scan Snap S May 3, at 8: I ruled out the S working until your entry provided a glimmer of hope.

Occasionally I do want to scan in a photograph to include it in a document, and my graphics application needs a TWAIN driver. I have been using my S to scan checks into QuickBooks for about a year.

Why Doesn’t ScanSnap come with TWAIN drivers?

January 14, at 3: Charlie Russell has been involved with the small business software industry since the mid 70’s, and remembers releasing his first commercial accounting software xcansnap when you had an 8-bit microcomputer with one 8 inch floppy disk twqin.


Now — when I scan, the document appear in the left half of the window and the other half is with browse button and the folders appear with clear and black arrows on the right side of the folders.

You can mix different document sizes in one stack, although sometimes you may have to separate some kinds of documents. Unfortunately, we got this one and then moved to a new office and lost the disc with the software.

He is also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog. December 5, at You can also easily manage profiles by right clicking on that same icon.

It was not easy to set up. Please, help me tain return to the previous way. Both sides of the pages in a single pass, which is very helpful. Well, no, but I love the way it works in my particular situation.