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April 23, at 1: May 3, at 8: This may include manually selecting whether documents need to be scanned on both sides assuming the scanner is a duplex scanner , setting thresholds for dropping out blank pages, and selecting color options among other scan settings. Deskewing, auto-crop, blank page removal. The default settings will provide the user with the easiest experience and will work like most of us expect products to work. September 9, at 6: If you’d like to compare this product you need to uncheck one of your other 4 products.

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Can u tell me what an average file size of a single sided scan is?

ScanSnap S1100 / S1100i FAQ

That manual process may be simple enough for some, but for others, for the broader audience, we think a simple and easy-to-use device was needed. April 23, at 1: Brochure Downloads PDF version of this page. In some cases, users might want to initiate scans from within a software application TWAINas opposed to sending the documents from the scanner to the application. Why save it as PNG? January 22, at 4: The S is a very likable scanner at a time when small businesses and law offices are scanning everything they see.

Yet another not-so-bright idea by some company who should know better.



December 9, at 3: The scansnap is the best office tool that I own. We will call them and try to find out. I bought my 1st fiEOX in or 6.

June 29, at I own and operate a small law practice and use tain S for archiving purposes. Also, I want it to scan to PDF files for emailing.

Already comparing 4 items You’ve already selected a maximum of 4 products to compare. Collaborating with Your Team from all corners of the World March 17, Scanning a two-sided document using the CDF Function is easy, insert the page face up and press the Scan button, the Si proceeds to scan the front side and the page exits facing front side down, simply reinsert the page without pressing the Scan button.

I Own a small business and have several ScanSnaps. Or a way to make one spend a ton more on their models that do. TAM will probably not be able to communicate directly with the scanner.

As a compute programmer of over thirty years — I can tell you the truth. Can scansnap be used with laserfiche?

I still see more of these Fujitsu scanners in offices than any other model. Anyway — just something else I remembered I wanted to say in my rant against Fujitsu having done this to us.


January 19, at Send a link to whoever you want to share this page with. December 5, at The scan quality is gwain to none. The proprietary stuff drives me crazy — it would be so easy and so helpful to have a standard TWAIN driver! Aloha and Happy New Year!


ScanSnap S / Si FAQ – Fujitsu Global

Overall, ScanSnap provides users with a simple and efficient way to organize and store documents digitally without sacrificing high-quality resolution. I design software for municipalities and had planned to distribute this as part of my package My software currently uses several other brands of scanner, but the Fujitsu looked very appealing because of it speed My software scans directly into my program which files using my own method usually by parcel IDand provides a thumbnail.

It was a nightmare — poorly organized pages, and a hellish experience that required filling in forms with the indecipherable serial number from the scanner and twwin for an email with a download link. I reasoned that the hardware was already there, it ought to have been possible to offer a TWAIN option in parallel with the proprietary interface.