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The heatsink bolts onto the videocard with four screws which surround the GeForce GT core. High-Quality Scaling High-quality scaling technology delivers a clear, clean image at any window size, including full-screen HDTV resolutions up to p. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Here comes the overclocking! Oblivion tend to show the better side of ATI’s superior hardware.

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The Geforce GT series is SLI compatible note the SLI bridge connector on the top of the videocardso if you have two and a compatible motherboard you can double up your graphics processing for a little extra speed in the games. This happened to ht recently, 760 after installing the latest games, I realized I had to upgrade my VGA card with something faster, but at the same time affordable. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Enthusiasts are also probably drooling at the prospects at unlocking the pipelines in the Vt X GTO to get a cheap Radeon X XL but from the 760 we have gathered, it’s not exactly a slam-dunk, as it does not work for all Radeon X GTO cards.

It’s a modern game, but a couple other titles could have also been packed in to give it some real panache. Here comes the overclocking! Tests – PREY 6. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia.

MSI NX7600GT-T2D256EZ – graphics card – GF 7600 GT – 256 MB

Ranked as the best-selling manufacturer of discrete graphics cards in recent years, MSI has proved its ability to offer value-added products, from proprietary programs and tools to premium enthusiast offerings, and all at rather decent prices too. How this card will perform under the various benchmark software and of course games, will be unveiled later on in our review. The videocard comes with a full Cyberlink DVD multimedia software suite and a full version of the game Prince of Persia: The Vertex rendering pipeline has also been increased from 4 to 5.


Everything is enclosed in an plastic fan duct to ensure that airflow moves over all the vital components of the thermal solution. Personally, I don’t want to spend a fortune on high end cards, regardless of the fact that they provide superb gaming experience.

What code is in the image? Its GeForce GT looks to be in the same mould as most of the reference card based products in the market now but before we check if our initial impressions are spot-on, here’s its technical specifications:.

Gaming is something that most users sooner or later get involved with. Vents in the second PCI slot bracket allow the videocard to pump the hot air out ms the case. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. Leave this field blank.

MSI NXGT-VT2DE Geforce GT Videocard Review –

Without doubt, more graphically intensive settings like HDR and anti-aliasing, best represented in the latest games, like the “recently released to wide acclaim and popularity” Elder Scrolls IV: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Having said that, now is the time for the market to decide which card deserves to inherit the mid-range sales crown. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.


Note that GeForce series videocards do not require any extra power inputs, and the cards natively support all types of TV output features such as; S-Video, composite and component output. These are the questions we’re wondering, and it will take more than one review to fully answer 700 of them. Tests – Splinter Cell 7. Adaptable Programmable Video Processor PureVideo’s programmable technology adapts to new video encoding formats as they are developed to provide a future-proof video solution.

So we are not expecting surprises from either side jx the next few months for this price segment. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge.

You may also be interested in Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: You may use these tags: About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Tests – FEAR 5. Geforce GT Chipset Features.

The GeForce GT generates a mmsi amount of heat, but rather than slap on a big thermal solution that sounds like a vacuum cleaner MSI have opted for a large dual slot heatsink which operates quietly.