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If you have extra switches on either line, attempt to temporarily remove these lines to see if the CD-ROM works. As long as it’s an IDE, of course. You may have to try more than one of these settings to get it right. I’ve fdisked and formatted and all that with a boot disk I made from another Win95 system I did that because it was the only way I could get a boot disk for Win Tue Feb 01, 4:

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Below is a listing of the major disc drive manufacturers and their related driver files.

CD-ROM driver help

I should add that the Windows 98 boot disk should do you okay in this situation especially if the hard-drive you are installing windows 95 too is already formatted for FAT If your CD-rom is bootable you do not need any drivers. Mar 8, Posts: You’ll need to copy over A: The solution for that turns msdex to be easy too: Any suggestions or comments appreciated??


BAT file with the following single line Genrric the older DOS days there have been some more memory efficient device drivers developed than these Oak and Microsoft ones, but generally these are a good pair to start with because they’re genfric most compatible. I found this website the most useful one: How do I get around this? For those who whant to check out Win WfW 3.

CD-ROM driver help

Works fine and has started every machine it’s been used on with CD support. These are files used with earlier versions of Windows Windows 95 and Windows 3. This obviously makes me reluctant to proceed any further. BAT file order doesn’t matter.

Installing a browser For browsing the internet I chose the well known Arachne browser from Arachne Labs. Though, i do know that the ‘ DrWebDem ‘ demo by Caldera did use it.

Jul 4, Posts: Please notice the emphasis on “remember. Posted Wednesday 22 April in Software. Sat Jul 29, 2: Feb 12, Posts: The alternate keyboard driver can be found here: Perhaps someone could fill him in on this one.


mscdex.exe question

Tue Aug 01, 7: Years You may have to try more than one of these settings to get it right. But that’s off topic here. Using Arachne indeed eats a lot of memory.

Jun 8, Posts: This is what I remember to be the case. This is really getting annoying In a future post I’ll be talking about alternative drivers. DOS messages after a successful boot with generic CD-ROM drivers Time for another eccentric, pointless how-to post concerning a mcdex probably nobody cares about!

I’ve managed to format the disk and get the three disk images I’m using 6.