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I think that your description of the overall situation gives me some keywords to use that I did not have before. Remove From My Forums. At the time, my daughters were very much into Winnie the Pooh, who was often referred to as a Bear of Little Brain, but who often had amazing insights. You need to understand the requirements of the various drivers and ensure that your hardware package INF, drivers, etc. Is there a new location for that?

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Thursday, March 23, I’m running Windows 10, and went through the whole process of test signing and everything.

What details do I need to provide to get to an answer on this? We also want to expose the network interface for the device so that they end user can also do some other ‘stuff’ that rdis want to allow them to do. Thanks for the info.


This forum is for answering specific questions, not providing consulting or training, which is where we are at this point. I will certainly microoft doing my fair share of work catching up on this subject, but I’m in no way asking you to do my work for me. Azius Developer Training www.


I can get whatever from whomever. Monday, September 18, 9: Windows IoT does not.

Saturday, September 16, 5: It shouldn’t already be a worthless item because Win10 CU won’t recognize rneis was previously recognizable. USB class drivers included in Windows. It belongs to another CDC subclass. May be by accident, but hey, worse things have happened. Several links indicate this problem: With a composite USB device, is it possible to have it exposed as a USB device and a network interface at the same time.

Overview of Remote NDIS (RNDIS) – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

I’m asking for a filling in of a gap in the sparse documentation I have found on the subject. You should also look at the Windows HLKwhich will help you validate your ktl package with the requirements of the operating system. And bam – microosoft got a USB device to open in our software.

Remote NDIS accomplishes this by defining a bus-independent message set and a description of how this message set operates over the USB bus. Thursday, March 2, 5: It is a bit sad to think that, in an industry that often seems to change by the day, your article is still applicable to the INI file and its’ horrendous state of documentation – 15 year later.

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Cellular Products – Installing RNDIS Driver

The transport driver for USB 1. Any suggestion is appreciated. Is there a new location for that?

In addition, only one bus transport layer is required for all network devices on a specific bus. My problem with the whole process in a philosophical sense is that while it is nice to have a boilerplate example like that, there isn’t anything particularly explanatory about it.

Monday, September 18, 8: The bigger issue is as a hardware manufacturer I don’t want to be telling people to go grab some other company’s driver to make mlcrosoft device work I hope this is sufficient detail.

This seems like a very basic question. Very early on I said: Monday, September 18, Sign in to vote.