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This heavy and cumbersome accessory is not recommanded for smaller scopes. So, to avoid any parasitic noise, it is advisable to place the CCD camera at ambient temperature and to wait for about half an hour after to have switched on to take your first pictures. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. Otherwise there is no other choice that either using the Cassegrain focus with a focal reducer but the weight will be similar or better, using a larger scope in order to reduce the relative obstruction generated by the sensor placed a the prime focus. For years many amateur sensors are cooled and the best are regulated with a stability better than 0. In one generation, technology available to talented amateurs has done a giant leap! Since that time, the technology has quickly progressed.

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LPI-G Camera (Color) – Lunar, Planetary Imager & Guider

meeade But our greatest concern with the LPI was its low frame rate: Accuracy of the driving system. But the accuracy of a german mount equipped with classic gear wheels and a Periodic Error Correction system PEC is about 1″ while a Direct drive mount see this French page driven by an electromagnetic field goes below the diffraction limit, reason for which many amateurs have adopted this kind of mount.

Such sources are eyepieces holders, digital clocks, digital circles, dew heaters This review appeared in the January issue of Sky at Night Magazine. A live-view window enables you to see what the camera sees, and you centre-up and focus your target here.


At the end, it remains an adapter, the field rotator, the adaptive optics and a larger CCD camera. At left, the increase of thermal noise with temperature of a CCD. Because using a colored filter the incident light passing through the filter is reduced and the CCD camera requests 6 times more exposure to get the same result than an unfiltered image.

Don’t be afraid of CCD. For all pictures of DSO’s in high resolution the equatorial mount is mandatory or an altazimutal set in equatorial mode.

Meade CCD Cameras for Telescopes

You can camea at any time. AutoStar Suite has everything you need to plan, capture and process your images. In this case the file size is practically no more managable meadde amateurs standards and users of scanners know very well that problem. This relative sampling error decreases inversely with the square root of a pixel brightness level DN cameraa. Of course, getting closer, the bigger always wins, but do not forget that image processing can cover one’s tracks Performances of CCD cameras and their cqmera go two of a kind and is it in vain to expect recording good images if you do not control all factors that enter in our equation.

Noise level for 30 stacked 1 minute exposures. Our main concern was the base level of noise it generated. From a pure photographical aspect, an Alt-Az mounting will display the problem of field rotation while you will track an object across the sky.

To picture deep sky objects, the last mechanical element that could potentially be a source of problems is the motorized mount.

So, to avoid any parasitic noise, it is fcd to place the CCD camera at ambient temperature and to wait for about half an hour after to have switched on to take your first pictures.


Some models let you also take immediately a dark frame see further before the light or raw image. A bit “depth” brightness levels is preferable to 12 bits brightness levels.

At last, cheaper, one can also use a cryo-cooler with a mechanical pump. What are Fastar and HyperStar?

Meade DSI Pro II Review | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

If you already have an AutoStar-controlled telescope, the DSI Pro II should be a serious consideration; the level of integration between software, camera and scope is excellent.

However, long exposures showed that keade noise was evenly distributed across the image with no unwanted gradients.

Nevertheless, we were impressed by the breadth and depth of programs provided in the AutoStar Suite, which is even more remarkable when you consider the low cost of this product. You can download meafe here. A mirror shift of only 0.

Add to this constraint CCD registration offsets, frame shifts that can occur with fast moving objects Jupiter, etc. Its total length is cm depending on whether the accessories are thin or large. Stargazing breaks in the UK. When all technical and financial camers will be solved advice of a qualified vendor or experimented amateurs is not useless you will be ready to picture your favorite celestial object.

Resolution and binning mode.