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Newer msp34xx versions support this. Join Date Apr Beans Make sure you post the findings of your investigations here and on the Linux-Media Mailing List so that bttv-cards. If some config item is specified both from the tvcards array and as insmod option, the insmod option takes precedence. So if you have this card, don’t bother with this method But sound is handled in slightly different ways on each board.

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If some config item lknux specified both from the tvcards array and as insmod option, the insmod option takes precedence. Thus, both the arbiter and the initiator btvt FX compatibility mode logic. Originally Posted by art Updating the IDE driver to get the latest and greatest workarounds for hardware bugs might fix these problems. Join Date Jul Beans Hidden! More detailed information on the module options can be found at: The driver for the msp34xx sound processor chips.

It might be a bttv driver bug.

Linux Multimedia Hacks by Kyle Rankin

You should verify this is lunu. The first step is to identify the chipset and Linux module your tuner card uses.


If the box freezes hard with bttv 7. Looks like some driver hacking is required. Using a vanilla ubuntu setup, the card is detected, but NO device nodes are created although dmesg says it does create a dvb0, this doesn’t exist in the filesystem. If you have stability problems you can try if one of these options makes your box work solid. If you have some knowledge and spare time, please try to fix this yourself patches very welcome of course If you are trying to make a new card work you might find it useful to know what the other elements in the tvcards array are good for:.

7. The bttv driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

With the card in your PC type lspci grep Bt this is the output on my card: The important fields are these two:. The order is probably the PCI card order and should not change between boot ups.

But every board is a little different. The biggest problem is that the tea chip can’t auto detect itsself, and bytv module cannot distinguish between the tda and tda, so they must be setup manually.

If your card is not listed, see the ” How to add support for a device ” article. This page has been accessedtimes. Guidelines for Video4Linux pixel format 4CCs 2.


Secam channel is shifted sound from channel appears on nex channel on my bttv card with tda You can have a look at the board to see which of the gpio pins are connected at all and then start trial-and-error December 10th, 5.

If you have a stereo card, you probably want to insmod this one. This driver supports both the BT based cards as the older BT based cards. February 5th, You have one device the A with multiple inputs, of which only one at a time can be active.

Howto setup a bt TV Card

Interfacing with Non-PCI 2. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Hauppauge for telling how the sound input is selected and what components they do and will use on their radio cards.

The cpia2 driver