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Vlad 1 year ago. Anyone could do this on the same linux version? I also have an old thinkpad T42 running xubuntu 14, I thought it was working OK on it, but what was I doing to check? Daniel Sarmiento 1 year ago. Install the source rpm: It seemed to be recognized, however it was not stable.

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CONFIG_RTL8192CU: Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter

Commenters and Reddit users reported that they got it working on various 3. However, the Realtek vendor driver also has the same code, so this may not be the direct cause of the problem.

Previously it could not survive 5 minutes. Dennis 1 year ago. Known things to look for are: Running iwconfig shows a similar output all of them show Power Management: Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen? The networking seems to be perfectly set up, with all the right IP addresses and gateways and routing.

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I found that I could keep it working by running a neverending ping with a 5 second interval I was pinging out from the Pi to another host on my network but seems like either direction would ljnux worked.

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RTL8192CU and Linux 3.13.10

Some devices require that power management be disabled in NetworkManager. Setzer II 3 years ago. A bit apprehensive with the reported connection quality, though.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It always happens when the signal is weak and i create a lot of traffic. Pete 2 years ago. Blog Random stuff… Comments Posts.

WWAN hardware radio set enabled. Just was not clear to me is of this in uname -r.

RTLCU and Linux « Blog

Probably by the skin on its teeth…. Still not working, however. Serg 1 year ago. So they should work fine out of the box. On Bionic Beaver, Thank you Reddit users and commenters for your comments and feedback on kernel versions! WWAN hardware radio set enabled The wireless disconnected at about I needed to do this on Fedora 24 Alpha Kernel 4. Michael, eu is a different driver, which you can obtain from this repository: I also have an old thinkpad T42 running xubuntu 14, I thought it was working OK on it, but what was I doing to check?


RTLcu fix, works on recent Linux kernels (3.x and 4.x)

Llinux is a lot of fun, though, when you finally get something to work and learn a new trick. This article has been a lifesaver for me, thank you so much! Hey, thanks for this.

Plug and play, no action needed anymore. Which is “the other module”?