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Add toner according to the procedure as follows. Selecting Paper Size To select an appropriate paper size for getting your desired copy result, use APS Automatic Paper Selection , or select paper size manually on the touch screen, as required. Contents Advanced Section 7: Page Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual. Setting Print Quantity This section describes how to set or change print quantity.

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When turning the main power Select the tray in which you loaded To release AMS, select the desired magnification, then Page If this message continues to display after selecting paper size, select 1.


You can specify a name and limit count for each password. Heat roller Kknica adjustment: Tray 3 See p. Withdraw the tray of the size to be changed.

Paper Information Paper Information This machine is equipped with the following trays for loading copy paper.

Interrupt Copying continued Press to start the interrupt copy- ing. This function is not factory-set.

Konica Minolta 7045 Instruction Manual

Interrupt Copying Interrupt Copying Use the Interrupt mode to interrupt copying in progress to perform a simple job. Your service centre will contact you to determine the appropriate means for resolving the prob- lem. Document Feeder Tray Positioning Originals continued Positioning originals in Folded original mode Folded original mode detects the folded original size without using the size detection sensor of the RADF.


Page 89 ADU that are not affected 704 the trouble. Arrange the mixed size originals as illustrated be- Copying Repeating Selected Image Area Repeat: When selecting Insertion mode: Reverse the Second Side in 1s2 Mode Flip Side 2 Flip Side 2 arranges the komica pages of the simplex originals upside down on the reverse side of duplex copies, this is especially valuable when coping A3 portrait on to A4. Printing Stamps Or Watermarks Onto Copies stamp Printing Stamps or Watermarks onto Copies Stamp This function allows you to print onto output copies the desired type of stamp at the location designated on the screen, or of watermark in the centre of the page.

Allow sufficient space for facilitating copy operation, changing parts, and periodic inspection.

In this case, the scanned image data will not be deleted from memory. Key Komica mode The Key Operator Password Entry Screen displays, if a unique key operator pass- word has been set by service at installation.

Output Mode for Machine without Finisher continued Select the desired output mode.


Positioning Originals continued Positioning originals in Folded original mode Folded original mode detects the folded original size without using the size detection sensor of the RADF. In cases where the image is light and background is dark, the background will not be changed.

Touch The Application Selection Screen will be restored. This is especially useful when special paper is used on a regular basis and is always placed in a specific paper tray. AMS is automatically se- lected, and tray 1 is selected. Be sure the cut-off portion of the toner bottle is shown on the top; otherwise the lock le- ver cannot be returned.

Konica 7045 Instructions

Language Select the language used in the LCD. Selecting Paper Size continued See the table below for the relation of original size, copy paper size, and magnification ratio automatically selected.

Remove the lock tape from the staple case. Summer time off Procedure 1 Touch 1. Tray 2 ; sheets Tray 3 ; 1, sheets Types of paper: Touch on the Application Selection Screen.