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You can select one access point in the table and it will join wireless LAN through this access point. Please input new password here again. There are two types of WEP key length: This is the radio frequency used to transmit and receive the wireless signal. However, special attention must be paid to the dangers of electric shock and static electricity when working with electrical equipment. If you wish, you can also optionally input the domain name for your network. A network that connects computers located in geographically separate areas e.

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Reset the device provided by your Internet service provider too. You can pull up the priority of the QoS rule you selected by clicking this button.

DriverMax – Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

If you wish to activate Please input subnet mask assigned by your service provider DNS address 3: Please follow the following instructions to set NAT parameters: For Repeater Mode, this router will demodulate the received signal, checking if this signal is noise for the operating network then have the adapterr modulated and amplified again. Before you can connect to the router and start configuration procedures, your computer must be wirelwss to get an IP address automatically use dynamic IP address.


You can set up to four sets of WEP key, and you can decide which key is being used by default here. Maximum 16 static IP addresses can be assigned here. Select the band you want to use, all the wireless routers must use the same setting.

Enable MAC Filtering 1: Adapher Select the type of pre-shared key, you Key Format 3: Are you using QoS function? You can either click the connection method on the left 1 or right 2. Please input the starting IP address in the iciru field, and input the end IP address in the right field to define a range clienf IP addresses, or just input the IP address in the left field to define a single IP address.

You can also use this firmware upgrade function to add new functions to your router, even fix the bugs of this router.

Only one rule should be selected a time! Connect this router with up to four other wireless routers, to expand the scope of network.

You can define the port number this router should expect an incoming request. Please input the port number of radius password here. Set the beacon interval of wireless radio.

Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Consult the dealer or an experienced radio technician for help. Here are setup instructions for each of them: This is the name of wireless network.


They may put the small parts in their nose or month and it could cause serious damage to them.

In this mode, if you are informed by your wireless ISP that the wireless settings of the access point is changed, please configure the router in this page for match the settings. It includes many preset routing rules for numerous applications which require special support. Wireless page shows the four major setting categories: Pull down the menu and all the computers connected to the router will be listed here.

Switch the electrical power off before you do anything, or contact an experienced technician for help. Input the IP address of the computer which you want to open the ports. Connect this router with up to four WDS-capable wireless routers, to expand the scope of network.

For example, if the IP address of this router is 1. AP Bridge-Point to Point: Here we start from WAN interface setting: Try to disable it and try again.