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Next time- the cost effectivness of doing business based on customer support. Can you think of a way of coming around this? I understood that you want to take that VI and all the vi’s that are in it replace them with the vi’s of Keithley and Message 9 of The case structure is not needed. I notice that you have set it so that it will attempt to set the output to zero when the loop is abotu to stop, whether due to reaching the limit or due to an error.

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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Message 7 of 8. The error report says it’s error wait for interrupt. This is where the state machine begins to shine. HPB I-V with breakdown 3. I don’t think I have to do something special for the configuration of the instrument address.

Please let me know if there is any way I can enjoy the drivers with this Prologix converter. You could try increasing the timeout value used to allow the instrument more time to process.

Let me look some more at least I’ll know it if I find it I would probably structure the entire program differently, using a state machine architecture. It doesn’t turn off the voltage but laview limit the total power delivered to the DUT. Message 8 of Nonetheless, I am still not able to turn off the voltage after the shut-off current is reached, and so the applied voltage would still be applied and the sample would be damaged. HPB I-V with breakdown 4.


Getting GPIB Error Wait for Interruppt – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Everything OK so far. If nothing else on the main VI front panel maters while the process is running, you can have the subVI panel open when called and close again when finished. I tried to communicate with my device and it is working. I’m relatively new in Labview. Message 8 of If it has, then it reports the error that you are seeing. There will be no additional functionalities, the labivew graph is going to be the last one, lol. This abstracts the instrument functions to those in defined classes though I have not checked to see if IVI drivers are available for your instruments.

Labviiew your VI or screenshot of your connection parameters could help Try it with each one individually to try and narrow down with kabview is causing the error or if it is only a combination of them. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Since the driver does not use VISA, you will have to completely rewrite hp4140n driver. Dear Jim, Thank you for your response.


Don’t forget to configure your instrument Adress:!

Can it be stopped before it goes to the stop V setting? So, there were two possibilities on a specific piece of hardware one cost 10, beads the other beads and you saved the customer and my. Message 2 of Just like the prologix site says, if the driver uses GPIB calls, you will have to replace all of them with serial functions. To protect the material or device under labvies, the B has a programmable current limit capability on both internal dc sources.

Jeff explains cost vs price. The new vi is enclosed. What would I need to do in that case? I’ve set up the required configuration for this combined measurement and it works properly no remote control-without labview.