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Selecting Options For An Individual Job mac Os X To select print settings for a particular job, change the driver settings before sending the job to the printer. Printing Basics This chapter includes: Make selections on the driver tabs. Supported Print Media To use the features of this printer effectively, use the suggested print media that is recommended here. Page Lower the levers to their original position. Click on the link given below to perform a compatibility check.

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Disconnect the power cord and USB cable. How satisfied are you with this response? Select the desired printing options from the menus and drop-down lists that are displayed. The Print driver enables your computer and printer to communicate and provides access to your printer features. Clearing Jams Clearing Jams This section includes: The Printer Setting Utility allows you to view or specify the system settings.

BudTownsing Replied on March 9, Firmware Errors Firmware Errors Contact the Fuji Xerox local representative office or an authorised dealer if this error occurs repeatedly. Time from printer startup until output of the first page is complete. Close the rear door. Hope the information helps. Verify that you are using the correct print driver.


DocuPrint CP105 b Drivers & Downloads

Supported Print Media To use the features of this printer effectively, use the suggested print media that is recommended here. However, some media can cause poor inshall quality, increased paper jams, or damage to your printer. Before loading the print media, flex the sheets back and forth, and then fan them. Page 3 Installing the Print Driver Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The printer has a power saving feature which reduces power consumption during periods of inactivity.

Select the appropriate settings for the specific job you are sending to print. Types Of Manuals Types of Manuals Safety Guide Describes the information you need to know before using the printer and to operate the printer safely.

Docupirnt that print media is loaded in the printer. Illegal Copies and Printouts Copying or printing certain documents may be illegal in your country. Page of Go.

Installing a Toner Cartridge Unpack a new toner cartridge of the desired color and shake it five to six times to distribute the toner evenly. Pinch the toner cartridge firmly as shown in the illustration. To use the features of this printer effectively, use the suggested print media that is recommended here.

It is an easy-to-use, searchable online help. The available feature is shown in the following table.


Unauthorized operation can cause faults or accidents. Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns.


Pack the removed toner cartridge in the box in which the installed toner cartridge was packed up. You can check the printer status and print job status. Turn off the printer. Slide the length guide towards the printer until it touches the print media.

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Display Problems Display Problems Problem Action After the printer is turned insstall, the Turn off the printer, wait for 10 seconds, and turn on the printer.

Determining Values Determining Values On the color registration chart printed, find the straightest lines where the two black lines and the colored line are most closely aligned for each color Y, M, and C.

Product Features Product Features This chapter describes the product features and indicates their links. All toner indicators light up when the printer is in the non- genuine toner mode Non Genuine Toner is set to On at the Printer Setting Utility.