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The same was noticed in the Morrowind. You can run multiple outputs by using the available backplane connectors, but I was a little disappointed that you can’t throw a DVI-to-VGA adapter on the DVI output and run two analog monitors. Quite good to my eyes, in other words. And first of all you should pay attention to quality of the monitor and cable. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. No other flaws are noticed, which is excellent for the first release.

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This is significantly higher speed than the All-In-Wonder card, so it’s safe to expect higher performance. And what about the performance in average?

The heatsinks sitting on the memory chips increased the limiting frequencies of the memory; the core’s speed is gained at the expense of the copper cooler or maybe we have received such a strong sample. Fortunately, if you don’t want to wait and don’t mind a little bit of tinkering, finding unofficial beta drivers isn’t very hard at all.

The cards were in unequal positions.

Of course, this is a free download as a matter of fact, ATi has recently released an updated version of the Hydravision hercklesand is likely going to remain standard on most ATi-based video cards for the future. Well, I think they just wanted to impress users with the box’s dimensions.


The card has caught up with the GeForce2 Ti Finally, here are the figures. On the west coast when the sun declines into the sea, there is haze heercules over the water.

After the expositions where new products were savored and discussed users started wondering when all those nice things were going to appear on the market.

Hercules 3D Prophet FDX LE (Page 1/5) :: Articles :: ®

After rebooting the Windows XP complains about the video driver. The PCB is also traditionally of marine color. Speaking of which, oddly enough, Hercules doesn’t have any other high end ATI-based cards, like a full-blown Radeon A year ago we sighed looking at the X-Isle withpolygons and shader effects, and now we have a new demo version: That is possibly a problem of the TV set, but the Philips didn’t had that trouble.

Morrowind on two CDs!

No other flaws are noticed, which is excellent for the first release. Hynix chips rated to MHz. Besides, it wallops the more expensive GeForce3 Ti card.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet FDX 8500LE graphics card

Movies can be viewed on the full screen on the second head in the theater mode irrespective of resolution, but in case of the Windows Media Player the image disappears when you minimize it or bring something onto the screen above it even in the extended overlay mode. Our “old reliable” Elsa GeForce 3 card was tested using the Why do I recommend that you look at the results involving AA and anisotropy?

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I think this cooler is more efficient than the one installed on the reference card. The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. The box has the following stuff: The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. The distinguishing feature of this card is a massive copper cooler capping the graphics processor.

The card is equipped with standard interface connectors: By the way, I came across one more unpleasant drawback, probably caused by the RIP mapping.

That is why we had to refuse all bot-matches some of them had even bugs in battles and go with two scenes: At the very least, the gap in x resolution is very small. Lrophet one, we’re just starting to see more frequent official and “unsupported” driver releases. As you may recall, there was a bit of confusion surrounding the core clock speeds of retail, OEM, and third-party ATI Radeon cards.

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. When you are happy the whole herxules becomes better, more colorful and fruity.

Previously there had been some issues with ATi’s Radeon drivers and Quake 3.