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And forget about needing to take a lesson when you are having trouble with the driver. The ball seems to rocket off the face and the shaft is super smooth. I think for me if I had a DI6x it this club it would be times better. My numbers with the driver: That is what I said after the first time I hit a ball. Posted 05 April –

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Review: Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Driver

The super-lightweight Graphite Design Tour AD generates extra club head speed at any swing speed for longer shots off the tee. So Much More to See. Please enter your comment! Posted 19 February – Posted 15 November – If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Two superior shaft choices make the XCG6 xcgg6 premier driver in golf. Mid A good exoticss for low-ball hitters and slower swing speeds.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Driver, best golf drivers, review, ClubTest results

I have been hitting this club not as solid as I was hitting my older driver. I came in to this testing with an open mind and with the thinking that xcgg6 club will replace my current gamer. He did say another member on the range was in total awe watching the ball flight.


Posted 02 August – Several functions may not work. The XCG6 in Advertise with us Privacy Terms.

As long as most drivers tested and consistent on different types of hits; very long on the course, which is where it matters; good distance correction on off-center strikes. If you have issues hooking or slicing this club has the potential to fix that for you. The HCG6 driver also features an advanced multilevel face design which maximizes ball speed all over the face.

SpineNFlow, on 05 April – cxg6 Posted 19 November – An advanced multilevel face design maximizes ball speed on all strike points on the face by incorporating multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the spring-like effect.

The Matrix Ozik HD features Interply technology which has a dynamic effect on ball speed and the reduction of sidespin.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Adjustable Driver – A Hot Choice! | Golf Guide

They both Adams and TEE have equal hot faces, but tend to have bad stock shaft choices. The shaft for me was a fuel. Since he founded the company inDavid Glod, a former club professional, has held to his original belief — that quality golf equipment can be designed, manufactured and sold at reasonable prices. Tends to produce a slightly lower trajectory and hot flight; shots bore through wind; more roll than many others.


Which technology do you trust more?

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Driver is outstanding by any metric

Standard stock grip option is Lamkin Exotics R. Wow, all the difference in the world. A quality offering from Tour Edge that is staying with the classic black look. It was cut down a little to make it more stiff. After about 10 balls you tend exotids forget about it.

Spring-like sensation makes it plain fun to hit; provides a crisp, compressed crack at impact; definitely can tell where on the face you make contact. Last time I gamed either of the two was over 4 years ago.

My ss is avg. Posted 20 November – Posted 14 November –