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OldPaint – thanks for bringing my attention that Roland. With LXi, we’ve partnered with SAi and selected features we beleive are best suited to each application. Dec 17, 9. Show Ignored Content Loading It has no way to measure between the pinch rollers so you have to use a tape measure to adjust the distance, and manually set it to origin point after each cut. Dec 18,

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Trying to control a debate will only get you bashed.

Quote message in reply? Full steel blade holder Cutting Size mm: Signturesigns Dec 18, It works as a back-up, but I wouldn’t use it as my primary cutter.

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24 Vinyl Cutter

Is that kindav the type of comparison you were looking for? Is it a PITA most of the time? Yes, enduacut will work with Win Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Available for Expert 2 LX models. Feb 14, 2 Techman Major Contributor 8, 8 38 Jun 24, michigan Visit Site you cannot compare a professional grade machine with a casual use machine. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals.


Feb 14, 3. And we provide a detailed user manual with words, pictures and video made by ourselves, after your ordering, we will send it out with the cutter machine. With this information he provided me, I feel better informed to make a choice.

What I mean is, if you cut a line with it and go in tight to examine it, it’s actually wavy. Hielorojo Dec 17, Find great deals on 24 vinyl cutters here at eBay and put an end to trying in vain to get by with outdated printing and graphics equipment.

EnduraCUT 24″ Desktop Vinyl Sign Cutter $ OBO

But it’s not really dumbed-down, per se. Thank you guys for the great advice. I seen a gx in action yesterday. Techman, I always respect your opinion, but I need a real technical breakdown on the machine versus pro level machines.

It smells like a skunk he told me it was like that from day one of taking it out of the box. The instruction book, while in english, is vot translated very well.


Need Info on the Enduracut 24″ Desktop Plotter

Both are good pro entry cutters for not a lot of enduraxut. Vinyl Cutters Plotters and Transfers. So folks pay for what they need; no more; and certainly no less.

Feb 15, Can we get some honest feedback on the Enduracut 24″ plotters from S. While I have not used a chinese model personally, I can state that I am very happy I spent a few extra dollars and bought a Roland. Hielorojo Dec 17, Good luck in your search.

And of course, when purchasing now you’ll have the latest version.