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Controls the schema data returned from metadata calls. Been using your drivers for many years now and we are impressed with the quality and price of them. If the installation locates a program which can display the license e. Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major. If you wish to install the software in another directory then specify a directory name here.

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If you want unrestricted use of the software, either via a free time-limited trial license or with a full purchased interbass, enter y and continue.

InterBase ODBC Driver

The integration into our databases and the assistance given with bulk uploads and a general helpful attitude was outstanding. You must quit the License Manager and allow the install script to finish applying the license. Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are displayed in the main License Manager screen are sent to Easysoft.

This option allows the driver to be configured to use the conversion that Microsoft Access expects.

Controls the schema data returned from metadata calls. If the distribution file has been compressed with bzip 2 i. During the installation, you are asked to imterbase some questions. If you have obtained an authorization code for a purchased license, select Non-expiring License and then click Next. The server may be located either on a remote computer, or on the same computer as the client and the communication protocol used may be specified by the contents of the database string.


Finally, remove the software from your system’s hard drive. If unixODBC is already installed, the installation script can use your existing unixODBCbut you should bare in mind the following possible complications of doing this:.

Enter the authorization code and then click Next. INI” displayed whilst the orbc script is running are inaccurate and should be ignored. On earlier versions of Windows, when the Files in Use dialog is displayed, manually shut down each application in the list and then click Retry to avoid a system restart.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

We highly recommend Easysoft, their technical support is outstanding and the service we have received from then is both professional and efficient. Up to this point it has checked the following:.

The License Manager displays the menu again.

The installation will create a odbcinst. If you are not using any other Easysoft software then you may remove the path to the common Easysoft shared objects:. This information only applies to systems with the ld.

The called procedure then generates a result set that can be accessed in the same way as any other result set. The script extracts the unixODBC files.

The E-Mail Address MUST be the same as the address used to register and download from the easysoft web site or you will be unable to obtain trial licenses. The Easysoft web site is available 24 hours a day at http: Normally rmdir will not remove directories that contain files, but rm -r will remove all subdirectories along with their contents. For details of the other attributes that can be set on this dialog box, see Attribute Fields.


User data sources are visible to both bit and bit applications, irrespective of the version of ODBC Administrator they were created in.

InterBase uses a transaction model that avoids deadlocks between conflicting updates from concurrent applications.

If any of these commands are missing they can be obtained from the Free Software Foundation http: It also contains a versioned directory to ensure that any shared components already installed by other Easysoft products are only overwritten if those included in this distribution are newer. Unless you specified the installation directory at step 14 to be within the temporary directory, then you can safely remove the temporary directory and all its contents. You can now download a file and begin the installation process.

Allows a default InterBase character set to be specified for the database connection. If the odbcinst program is not in its expected location, you are asked to provide the directory into which unixODBC was installed.

If the distribution file has been gzip ped i.