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Every time Microsoft does an update… I lose it, because they turn off the recognition or something. March 10, at How do I add a drive letter? After further research, I disabled the device in device manager and restarted. I am not sure what this means.

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After further research, I disabled the device in device manager and restarted.

Please block Google picture, boycot it, and fight back! I have an issue with Windows 10 reading SD card, that appears a little different to others mentioned so far.

It would be helpful if you gave step by step instructions instead of a vague guide.

SD Card Reader not working in Windows 10

Put an SD card in. June 29, at 2: December 10, at 9: Before finally giving up and throwing the dell out sc window I went to the realtek website, downloaded their driver, installed it, and did a reboot. That worked fine for me.

Same problem — new computer — if and when it does recognize the SD card the system crashes.


January 22, at 9: The other is a brand new workstation that I tried the cards on after having problems with the laptop. But under device manager the J drive still showed as disabled and a generic usb drive showed up under disk drives.

Here you will see your RD Card Reader. Thanks, I finally found a solution to this problem your comment. I used a 32 GB card next and it was not recognized. Number 3 has to be the dumbest thing I ever saw? Then all of a sudden it was working perfectly, it recognizes my NIKON camera SD card, and gives me the option to eject the volume like normal.

SD Card Reader not working in Windows 10

If no drive letter is assigned, Add a drive letter and path. I inserted a blank SD card into the slot on the front of zd laptop. Your email address will not be published. April 22, at My system ran great till it upgraded itself to Windows 10 now I get piddly little annoyances like this to waste my waking hours. Nothing appears to work.

August 5, at 8: Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. May 16, at 8: I seem to have a bit different problem, than the other descriptions I have found so far.


December 14, at 5: I right clicked and asked windows to search for driver updates, which it did, then readeer called it a generic volume. April 1, at 9: I connect to the tablet… it will read that… sometimes doing a shutdown, removing the usb card reader, then rebooting will make windows recognize the previously unrecognized card… it has work several times now.

Dynex SD Memory Card Readers and Adapters for sale | eBay

There is clearly a huge bug in Win10 here. If your car was a Microsoft, you would have taken it to the scrapheap years dyex. July 21, at 5: