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Last edited by jordi on Anandtech reviews seemed pretty decent too. I had to recap the motherboard recently as all the caps were starting to bulge one by one. Well other than the novelty of both an agp and pci-e slot. No issues as I recall.

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The biggest issues with these boards is you can’t actually use a pci-e duaal agp gpu at the same time. And one of which i used with a pentium for a few years for videotape transfer and processing, dosbox and world of warcraft. These were made back when asrock made diablotek grade hardware. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I owned the 4-core dual sata 2and it was SUCH a hunk of junk.

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Vvsta can typically get up to depending on the cpu. It is also a very cool running CPU and it’s very easy and cheap to get hold off.

Users browsing this forum: Maximum addressable memory is 3. No issues as I recall. I can only get the FSB from the standard to ! It was a decent PC though. Board index All times are UTC. So many bios vdtaand none of them fixed the problems the board had.


I flashed it with PCtrieber’s unofficial bios about 5 yrs ago and run with 4GB 3. Here’s video that confirms “Gallatin” support on it: Other users are reporting the same and it’s a miracle if you get above !

ASRock Dual-VSTA Motherboard Review – Legit ReviewsIntroduction

Only other thing to add: Eual gaming performance benchmarks from Anandtech were pretty good. This allows greater overclocks than 3. Never had any reliability problems with any of them with or xp, nor with an older asrock a7s8x athlon board I ran for years as my main pc.

Seems I tried windows 7 with a 4core board but I have no idea why as I was on better stuff for my main PC when I bought them, unless it was as a stopgap due to other hardware failing.

This vst is brought to you thanks to the BSA. It’s usually what gave them a bad reception, ASRock has deteriorated from that path since many years ago and as such is viewed much more favorably nowadays. The AGP works with any 1. Well other than the novelty of both an agp and pci-e slot.


One day the board just up and died. This site hosts no abandonware. Now that would be really interesting if you could.

I used an agp card [fx ultra], a couple of pci sounds cards and a firewire card. It officially supports Windows 98, and I had no problem running Windows 10 bit on it! How did you get 4Gb running? No postnothing. I still have the board, but it’s not in use. Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences. So far it seems single GPU cards only.

The memory timings are very picky.