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If your connection pool purge policy is mistakenly set to “all connections”, then you will not benefit from Unity Director for JDBC connections. But it still doesn’t work.. People who viewed this also viewed. Does the Teradata JDBC Driver load the entire result set into memory or does it buffer it and read it off the wire in chunks as the application iterates through the data? DR add TD

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What are terqdriver benefits and drawbacks of the recommended connection parameter values? DR Updateable result sets. You can ignore these warning messages temporarily. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Cannot connect to the source database. Release Notes This section highlights issues that you should be aware of when upgrading to the TeraDriver instead of com.

My understanding about PreparedStatement addBatch is that the rows accumulate on the client until executeBatch sends them to the Teradata Database. No solution is teradrive for this issue at the present time. Can you show the code trying to connect to this database? Each connection that remains unused past the limited time cannot be reconnected to the Teradata Database.


External libraries required are missing from path. In contrast, when using TERA transaction mode, silent data truncation can occur when data is inserted, because silent data truncation is a feature of TERA transaction mode.

Toggle navigation Network Home Informatica. Application servers have a “purge policy” to govern the behavior of the connection pool when a connection goes bad. Informatica Network Knowledge Base. I’m worried about overflowing the JVM heap, so I want to call executeBatch periodically to send rows to the database. Community Downloads Forums Blogs. TeraConnectionPoolDataSource The old class names will continue to work; however, a warning message will be printed as a reminder to switch over to the new class names.

TeraDriver class name instead.

Teradata JDBC Driver | Teradata Downloads

Getting NullPointerException from tdgssjava shipped with tdgssjava 6. DR Provide incremental fetch for Console connection result sets This release includes changes to address the following DRs, originally included in release ArrayList This release teradara changes to address the following DRs, originally included in release 3.

This document resolved my issue This document did not resolve my issue This document helped but additional information was required to resolve my issue What can we do to improve this information or fewer characters.


But it still doesn’t work.

The Statement setQueryTimeout method does not apply to any other operations that the Teradata Database performs, such as preparing a SQL request, fetching ResultSet rows from the spool, releasing the spool when a ResultSet is closed, committing a transaction, or rolling back a transaction.

Please turn JavaScript teracata on and reload this page. Did this KB document help you? This release includes changes to address the following DRs: Does this code work in a standalone application?

DR teradatw application server documentation for TTU I have already tried it. Your classpath must include: It provides a simple unique identifier for a particular connection to the Teradata Database.

Teradata JDBC Driver

The “sess” means “session number”. MF file, which contains the version number. Many Thanks in Advance!!