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Evenbalance should go bankrupt. Firstly i found out that the punkbuster services was not installed correctly, so someone made a link to a fil that reinstall it. Thanks to everyone who has contributed something so far to trying to get this error fixed! Or just join 64bit servers? In the mean time I think I may have more of a chance with you guys.

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Additionally i started this bat file which is mentioned a few posts above and joined various servers. I play Bf2 and BF and i notice that when i play on a 64bit server I dont get kicked by punkbuster.

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Have you tried to install the services through pbsvc. Hi im use win 7 Build rc x32 and cod 4 and tried evryfing and pb is kik me im try to subscribe pb!!

Pnkbstr B only appears durring game play and quits afterwards which removes the allow to interact with desktop tick mark 2. Posted January 3, edited. Even with both A and B definitely on interact with desktop whilst in game; I still get kicked with the API error Message 9 of 61 35, Views.


We need a final solution there is too many here. I need help with a few multiplayer problems. You know that mean wait until Window 7 is finalize. There has to be an erroneous call from most likely PnkBstrB process.

So it is up to someone who knows how to program well to make a fix for ob all……please anyone. Hi Alex, Steven forwarded me your email.

Try it out and see if it works for you, too… if it works, check back on this site and tell your success to us! Then enter the password for the user account and click OK. Do the same with PnkBstrB. Trying like hell to get BF2 working. Message 8 of 61 36, Views. To do this, go to your PnkBstrA. Message 2 of 61 38, Views.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

Then I choose a local server. Anyways, am still working on it!

This is with CoD4 strangely BF2 runs fine: Signing the petition is a good start…. Do it like http: Sorry for my english russian.


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Windows 7 Beta Ultimate 32bit. Message 10 of 61 35, Views.

None of these have worked for Win 7 32bit updated pd and 1. Ensure all traces of PB are uninstalled before doing this… even if you uninstall COD 4 through Windows you will need to manually delete the folder from x86 program filed.

Call of Duty 2 Disallowed program driver []

Now i tried to make the pnkbstr entries read-only because the pnkbstrB entrie always reset disallowd when startin cod 4 and or joining a server. The files are from my old xp drive. I just tried this on Battlefield still getting the same error within 5 minutes of play…. Results 1 – 25 of