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Fourth, they want the Commission to accept that they will advantage consumers in terms of increased choice and program diversity. And they are paying lower rates with more purchasing power for this product. So I think my point would be that we are doing an extraordinary job in marketing our product and we are achieving what I think is a heck of a good growth rate, which is 6 per cent, but it is not Goldstein mentioned and I guess we will have to leave it at that and see what the applicant wishes to do. There is no way that pay alone can support this absent the funding from other windows. Surely, there is going to have to be a lot more that goes into it, and what we have heard over the past few days are some of the ideas, albeit we haven’t got complete programming pictures, to be sure, and we will come back to that. The fact is they had to merge in order to solve the situation.

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That we were able to stand up against this competition was very exciting and affirming for us. Let’s agree about that.

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That was our condition. I don’t know if they would agree with that characterization that they are going to import the American model. I don’t expect any of the new licensees to be particularly generous but I think that at least in the presence of competition the opportunity to increase sale prices will grow.


However, they have a lot more to choose from. I haven’t had a chance to go through it in detail but I would make this first initial reaction and then perhaps they might want to come back and revise it again.

Well, certainly we wouldn’t argue that the digital market is going to grow faster than we think the pay market is going to grow. And then you go to your key assumptions used in analysing the other applications.

Perish the thought that I am a journalist.

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Any opportunity will happen within the future. For the example, it’s a set amount of 1.

I am very grateful for everyone in the Canadian industry who has helped me achieve that. So our participation with development goes beyond sending cash to pay the bills for writers. He said, oh, I just modify my PlayStation.

Research supports that an appetite for this exists. In fact, they have asked for new regulatory measures to ensure that they have access. I just have a few small questions.

What is your comment on that? When they come on I watch them and one time I was down, and usually I’m here in Canada when I watch them. So, I usually watch them here. Obviously, with any expenses, any business looks for a way to continue to operate and continue to make a reasonable profit. I would ask Mr. Perhaps this might be the time for you to indicate why you don’t think that the activities associated with rivals trying to get customers in the market won’t provide a greater lift than that.


Now, let us look at the subset of digital, which is pay, just using the same numbers. However, it is now clear that the growth of pay television has begun to level off both in Canada and in the U. So, I’m wondering whether you have run any numbers on if you cim required to make that With all due respect, this is neither the time nor the circumstance to roll the dice with the Canadian broadcasting system. Goldstein built his model, his baseline, on a static model which was essentially Canadian growth without further competition and then factored in the acapter as the second stage.

It would be useful to see it, and the applicants clearly are hearing what you are saying and they can assess that.

So, I’ll take it that’s as soon as you think you could have it. A week this Monday. I think it was driven largely by the absence aadpter the anticipated installation base for the pay TV services.

For the life of me, I cannot understand what the benefit or how we would produce benefit for having two services that are virtually identical. I’m talking about factually incorrect.