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But I am having constant problems routing the audio. Been planning to buy a controller in June this year. Does anyone have an idea what Deckadance is like? I have lost my Traktor 3 Le disc but have the sleave with the serial number is there a way to download the program without having to buy the program again? Maybe with some other control combination…. I did a 4 hour mix tonight without one break in the music… thanks a ton Cycokraut! January 4, at

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Now my new discovery is: July 8, at I checked the mapping and it seems ok same for deck A and B. In this way you keep one track playing normally and you apply FX to the other one.

Mapping(s) for Behringer, BCD 3000

I have started mapping the controls to VDJ. Turning the BCD on and off fixes it, for a few more minutes that is.

July 6, at Thanks for attention… and sorry my bad english…. I mean this crap costs a lot of money, the traktor software and now even if i got an original version i have to use this LE bullshit version.


So I cannot help you. And the other 2 I set it in Recording — 3. Once I familiarized myself with where all of the knobs and sliders were, and what they all did, then everything became very intuitive.


Forum: Old versions

I have read on this forum about the. Maybe you ma some tips for OS X at http: I have a bcd and it has been a nightmare, I should have gotten the vestax or ever the new newmark. March 17, at 6: Does anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong here? The jog wheel size isn’t an issue at all. April 6, at 1: About once every hour or so the program freezes for about 5 sec.

July 20, at 4: I consider this pretty remarkableconsidering all the hype on their website about therecompany philosophy. May 1, at 1: You cant use the headphones to cue any tracks beforehand Reply. Except for the pitch control, which does have slower action, the sliders volume and fader have loose action and can be moved easily, so you have to make sure not to bump them while in the mix because they move freely.


First, you need to be sure you are running the BCD driver in simple mode. Just plugged it right in and started. July 11, at 1: I get the clip light to flash with a Mic plugged in to the A side, but nothing gets to the headphones.


I am routing the sound through a behringer USB sound card. Thanx fellas Cycokraut and Niek!

It would be fine, if you can tell me if it works. Pro or Con depending on the user: June 18, at 7: