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It’ll cause horizontal stutter specially in Fullscreen mode. There’s an available mini PCIe slot but Windows 7 x64 doesn’t detect it. I do know that this is a problem on CMOS battery because I’ve encountered this before on my desktop computer. Thank you in advance. For some reason, the card works in my other ThinkPad laptop, which is an X but not in X All other players I know reduce the resolution.

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Broadcom BCM Crystal HD Video Decoder Mini PCI-E Card Support p AW-VDH

That’s the cause of error message you’re facing with. Soldering the original wire connector to the new socket. Broadcom BCM mini-pcie card bottom. Message 8 of 9.

Video Decoder Azurewave Aw-vd Broadcom Crystal HD Bcm Bcm | eBay

I also know the Broadcom card works since my X recognized it. This is the message I get: Lenovo Thinkpad T61 on boot. However vlc will have to started from the command line to use the crystal hd.


J on Sun Aug 21, 8: Another adapter has been tested and works for me in a PCIe X1 slot on a normal motherboard and was cheaper than the MP1 adapter: Message 4 of 9. I want to take a chance and see if an older version will not have this card in the white list.

decodr Many video files play like this: Crystal HD is also known by other includes. Splash with Crystal HD: While opening the program, it forces windows to switch to Basic Theme. Some clean-up work is required, but in the mean time, here is my assessment of the current Crystal HD status: Broadcom BCM mini-pcie card top. Same as the revised layout version of the BCM [9].

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Windows Media Player Mythtv does not currently support the BCM version, the only other version that I am aware of is the BCM which is the half pci-e mini half card.


Here’s why Splash is better solution for CrystalHD: The above products may be rebranded by OEM’s, and are known to be available for the following targeted platforms:.

They are included in ubuntu Message 3 of 9. Every BIOS version has wl, just initial version had more width one.

But perhaps the method of approved cards IDs checking differs. I don’t have any BT devices.

Broadcom BCM970015 70015 Crystal HD Video Decoder Mini PCI-E Adapter 1080p AW-VD920H

There are another ones, cheaper. Message 2 of 9. Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. I welcome any feedback.