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When comparing the G2P and Asus G1P to each other, you can see that the performance is roughly the same. The X video card is the main cause of the lower performance. Turning the system around, we find a large copper heatsink peering through a collection of vents. The fan of the Asus G2P runs even without load , and emits warm waste heat. This notebook is very robust and solid Unfortunately the Asus G2P was presented without battery.

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Asus G2 Notebook Review

The horizontal viewing angle is roughly degrees both ways, and the vertical viewing angle is roughly degrees. The flexural rigidity is also alright. You are able to turn off the flashing lights by using a program called Asus Direct Console. When playing music on earphones the sound is excellent, treble is excellent and the bass assu quite good. Even without load you have to accept a low noise level by this notebook.

Review Asus G2Pc Notebook – Reviews

Its smaller Nvidia-based brother, the G1comes without the TV capability, uses a From the image you can see three 2gp connecting the lid to the base of the computer. For all those who are not game enthusiasts: The Asus G2 is a sleek looking notebook with a nice brushed metallic lid with red and black detailing.


Above the display sits a 1. The Asus G2P has a display preset button above asua keyboard that quickly and easily switches between a number of display presets. This notebook is very robust and solid Would you buy this?

The looks are very similar, using glossy plastic, but not compromising on build quality. Their customer Service in North America is very good.

The quality of the camera is decent, certainly better than other laptops I have seen. During idle mode the surface temperature stayed relatively cool. How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. Some of it is glossy plastic, some of it is matte, and the other material is anodized aluminum on the palm rest.

While looking from top downwards hardly causes problems, you’ll face the usual darkening looking from bottom upwards. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The big number of different parts, which differ in design as well as in choice of material, lead also to a high number of gaps, however, these are accurately assembled. Some people will prefer slightly faster hard drives and others will prefer having more capacity available.

Review Asus G2Pc Notebook

Besides that, the keyboard appears clear, because of its size, however, it is not especially structured in any way, besides a slightly separated cursor block. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. All the gadgets and gizmos have driver and utility software that integrates seamlessly into the Windows environment, often attached to dedicated hotkeys above the main keyboard.


All three color curves are nearly ideal und ensure a colorfast picture presentation.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Rather than the standard shoulder strap design, this G2P bag is a backpack, and comes with more pockets and sleeves than can possibly be filled. There is a silver accent around the touchpad which enhances the look of it.

The weight of the laptop is 9. The G2P also has an emblem that is located in between the touchpad that glows red, and looks quite nice.

It has plenty of power and parts that light up just for the sake of it, however the graphics subsystem, while more than adequate, isn’t the best we could have hoped for in a gaming laptop.

The Asus G2P’s flashy design is a matter of taste. This is a g2 feature! Click to enlarge This time, we didn’t have any problems taking out the battery.