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The German Business catalogue contains 75, articles, covering just about everything that involves electronics. NMEA time is accurate to about mS. I use this GPS as a time source. Special gpsd support uses 8N2 and requests sentences that gpsd requires. Similar Motorola Oncore UT timing receiver has less functions but better timing accuracy.

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Now device works in sirf mode, and does not break on receievr. Page that comes with it states: When running, need to use the -b option, else the device will hang during the GPSD probing phase and it needs to be unplugged and reinserted.

If the receiver locks up due to a mode switch, remove the battery for 5 to 10 minutes.

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

The single chip also brings benefits such as simplified chipset integration and a shorter bill of materials to accelerate the development of ANTARIS 4-based products and lower design risks. The author of said tool has been very helpful to me by describing how to do that on the projectpage. The u-blox eval kit for the LEA-6H.

Reported by walkie mail. Reported by Eric S. Moreover, its small size makes LEA-4A modules perfectly suited for compact, battery-operated, mass market consumer products such as PDAs, smart phones, GPS mice and other portable devices where size, power consumption levels and cost are of critical importance.


The receiver seems to lock up if too much data is thrown at it ie.

Basically, one needs to run “rgm Requires the “-b” flag to prevent mode switching. While the technical information claims 1us accuracy on the clock, the interface is undocumented, so there is no way to know if there is a usable 1PPS signal. This was the replacement for the old Zodiac version that spoke Rockwell binary protocol; it in turn has been discontinued.

Additionally, integration improves reliability by minimizing the potential number of faulty solder points. Had to use the -b option. The product page points at a retail site carrying r because the vendor site is in Japanese only.

These are marked as having PPS in the table above. Connection to a standard 9 pin RS computer socket is made using the special adaptor lead supplied by Garmin.

Note that in most cases including the bugpoor ratings reflect problems not in gpsd but rather in device design and firmware so badly botched that gpsd cannot compensate.

Leading supplier of communications and positioning products announces significant roadmap d4 in RPMA technology.


GPSD works as far back as the 0. Probably uses PL but anyaris have not verified this. Where possible, we indicate this in the device table.

R4 Series GPS Receiver Module

The Garmin 12XL and 45 are nearly identical and should work as well. Special gpsd support uses 8N2 and requests sentences that gpsd requires. This is from a simulator but antarjs real equipment.

Programs only seem to be able to communicate with the dongle at baud rates, though this is autodetected by gpsd with no problems. Motorola has exited the GPS business.

This is a GPS data logger with mouse functionality. This device is not a conventional handfrtee unut for a car; it looks like a gpw wristwatch and is meant for bicycle handlebars. The USB cable is a separate item to order.

Compatible GPSes

I first tried gpsd package from Ubuntu 9. Manual states incorrectly that VTG is off by default. Purchased retail 30GBP to work with a Nokia – which is does well.