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After unboxing the W and putting the cradle dock together, we didn’t think we were going to like it very much. When we enabled the Adaptive Brightness setting in Windows 8, which manages the screen brightness according to the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment, the W lasted 5hr 58min. The tablet works fine for that, but when used like that does run the battery down in about 5h as well as the fact that tehre is NO memory card slot and Win8. In our rundown test, in which we disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video, the tablet lasted 5hr 17min. Connecting to the Internet is also made simple with integrated The problem is that as nicely constructed as it is, it’s rather bulky, at 2. The next runner-up in our list is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and if you look at the numbers, it wasn’t even a close contest:

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View our privacy policy before signing up. We mentioned the Surface Pro, though it doesn’t even go on sale until next month. The tablet’s performance was also responsible for a lot of that joy. As it turns out, we like it quite a bit, and we think you might too, but you’ll have to get past some surface flaws in order to truly appreciate it.

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We say go for it if you’re after a Windows 8 tablet that’s fast and responsive, and also one with a beautiful screen. To some extent, the port selection is the culprit: Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Despite packing similar components as competing devices, it mostly bests them in PCMark 7, and nearly matches the rest.

Display Acer’s Aspire S7 already holds claim to one of our favorite laptop displays, so we weren’t terribly surprised to find that the W also has a high-quality panel. The W is hefty, even for a Core i5 tablet, and its bulky dock isn’t good for traveling. We had no problems at all using Windows 8’s swipe-in gestures, the Start screen, or even just poking around the Windows Desktop.


Using Handbrake, the W converted a DVD file to an MP4 file in 24min 16sec, which is a couple of minutes slower than we anticipated, but still an acceptable time. A better all-in-one PC twist.

Applications loaded quickly and the tablet booted in only five seconds from an off state — this was the time it took to get to the Windows 8 login screen. TV, as well as YouTube and Vimeoand it was responsive when it came to browsing Web pages, loading apps and flicking through photos.

Functionally it’s similar to one of Apple’s Smart Covers, but it covers the tablet completely, thus offering a bit more protection. When I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.

The integrated front and rear facing cameras allow you to take pictures and keep up with friends and family w070 video chat. We almost don’t dosplay where to begin. Add your favorite apps to the Acer Ring and launch them or slide over to the device control function to quickly manage devices Wireless Connectivity Roam hotspots and connect to wireless networks with Inside the Iconia W Tablet resides a 1.

And yet, the three-cell, 4,mAh battery lasts hours longer than bigger touchscreen Windows 8 systems with similar internals.

for Acer Iconia Tab W700 LCD Screen B116han03.0 Touch Digitizer Replacement

It’s incredible, then, that the W’s battery life is more typical of a low-powered ARM device. Thankfully, it stays put; you’ll need to wrest the tablet out with both hands when you’re ready to undock it.

Andrew Cunningham Andrew wrote and edited tech news and reviews at Ars Technica from towhere he still occasionally freelances; he is currently a lead editor at Wirecutter. Acer 64GB Iconia W Both of these accessories are nice to have as is the included risplay HDMI to VGA donglethough neither really tries to replicate the laptop experience if that’s something you’re looking for. But what difference do a few ounces make when the entire form factor borders on absurd?


However, its supplied cradle and docking options could be much better — you only get a couple more USB ports when you dock it.

Acer Iconia W review: a Core i5 Windows 8 slate that doesn’t skimp on battery life

Also, the keyboard dock has a built-in touchpad, so you don’t have to use a standalone mouse in desktop mode. The W is thick and heavy, even for a tablet with a Core i5 processor, displa though it’s solidly built, it has a boxy look that can be off-putting. A stylus is also an option, too. So is there any advantage to having a design with so many different pieces?

Review: Acer’s Iconia W700 is an Ultrabook in a tablet’s body

With so much space along the sides, disppay with such a solid chassis, we think Acer has missed an opportunity to create a tablet with a more useful set of built-in connections that most Windows users would put to good use. Whichever you choose, the cradle and Bluetooth keyboard are both included. Good performance, long battery life, and an excellent screen all make the Acer Iconia W a very good Windows 8 tablet.

If you want to connect to a peripheral w700 accessory without cables, the Bluetooth 4.