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Is it easier to replace the entire motherboard than try to repair the USB ports? It is for an Acer Aspire …. We have tried a new power cord but it will not charge and it will run with the battery removed. Unlock the connector very slowly with your fingernails. Laptop keys can snap off and sometimes break the plastic clips and hinge parts under the key.

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Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!! Pull upwards until you hear a click. When buying a replacement laptop key from Machina Electronicsyou’re getting one from industry experts with thousands of laptop repair parts in stock.

A year ago I took my acer aspire apart with your help and seems to me I have to do it again. Nice job you are doing in here. If there is an obvious blockage, such as a crumb or piece of dirt, remove it using tweezers.

Acer Aspire Genuine Keyboard Vas2 | eBay

The first link PDF file should be what you are looking for. Step 3 Compare the hinge on your keyboard to the photo of the regular sized hinges on our website. Acer Aspire can handle up to 4GB memory total. We will know what hinge size to send you based on the key you select in Part 2 of the ordering process.


There are no screws securing the keyboard at all. Remove these screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Machina Electronics specializes in laptop and notebook computer repair parts. I found Acer Aspire service manual here.

Look at the problem keyboard areas for signs of debris under the keys or for any small broken plastic parts. Removing keys, gently cleaning the board or even replacing the entire keyboard usually solves the problem.

Fits Acer keyboard part numbers: Please view the different hinge styles below and select the model number that matches your key. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust and particles from underneath the keys.

How to Fix an Acer Aspire 5517 Keyboard

Thanks for the prompt service! Martha, I also had both ports break on my Acer Aspire Step 2 Specify which key s you need. Turn the Acer Aspire over and remove the battery pack by sliding the battery catch and pulling the asprie out. Amy help would be appreciated. Remove the entire keyboard.


Remove your current Acer Aspire keyboard. You can now safely remove the key cap from your keyboard inorder to view your hinge type.

Unlock the connector very slowly with your fingernails. It is for an Acer Aspire ….

Acer Aspire 5517 Genuine Keyboard V109902as2

Specify which key s you need? I wish to replace the memory cards and the hard drive because I have a virus.

Read detailed instructions for this step. Thanks for the tutorial. All you have to do is reinstall the operating system from scratch.

Please help me resolve this issue.