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I too will focus on the nonlinear interactions arising from these forcingconstituents alone. As before, in the middle and bottom panels I showthe result of adding two and all three of these terms, respectively. The verticalaxes are the same for all panels; the scale is shown in the top one only. A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia The time-averaged velocities of the model and the observations compare poorly, however, there is some agreement as will be noted below. From top to bottom the panels show horizontal advection,vertical advection, horizontal diffusion, vertical diffusion, pressure work,the sum of all the residual and all the tidal terms and finally, the sum ofall the terms.

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I find that avit maximumChapter 2. Splitting the fields in 3. The assumption is not unreasonable as can be seen in Figure 3. The thickness of the firstlayer is 5 m plus the surface elevation. The phase and amplitude of renewalevents compare well with those observed in the central Strait of Georgia. At times the flow just goes north or south see for example day for layer 1 and day for layer 7.

We will determine what portion of each payment made to you with respect to the notes will be treated as interest on the Deposit and as premium in consideration of your entry into the Put Option and will provide such allocation in the final term sheet or pricing supplement for the notes. In the top panel thecontributions to the tendency from the pressure gradient dotted lines ,Coriolis dashed lines and advection terms plus sign are plotted. Using the continuity equation, V. The fit was done to each layer and then the amplitudes andphases were vertically-averaged.

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I further agree that permission for extensive copying of thisthesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by hisor her representatives. From the raw cyclesonde data, time series of velocity and 0t were constructed at discrete depths of 40, A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia and m2 s1 and found significant changes in anit flow field.

Theflow around the eddy has a northeastward jet on the mainland side, a cross channel flowon the southern flank of the model domain, and a southwestward meander on the islandside, The fluctuating residual has the same spatial structure as the mean but alternatesbetween cyclonic and anticyclonic rotation in about fourteen days.

Time-averaged terms from Table 3. This apparently contradictory result is explained by thefact that the residual depends on the square of the tidal excursion [i.

Layer numbers are given as L3 to L8. The numerical model solves the momentum equations 3.

The bathymetry abig the area of study in metersChapter 2. To ensure that these time-averages are stable and not, forexample, biased by the yearly and half yearly components, I have calculated the meanChapter 2. The mean and fluctuating residuals are characterized by coastal jets and eddies. Residual velocities associated with the overallestuarine circulation and deep water renewal were simulated.

Amplitude of the Mf constituent at each station as a function of the recordlength thick curves. The amplitudes and phases are specified at the two connections to the Pacific Ocean: The horizontal advection of the residual HARM and the vertical diffusion of theresidual appear at various times to be intermediate, small or between the two.


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Thinlines correspond to the terms of the residual and thick lines mf-ns those arising from thetidal components. The observations in the central part of the Strait of Georgia, as previously mentioned,reveal the existence of horizontal scales of motion in the residual of the order of 5 to 10km Stacey et al. The levelsused to mf-n2 the cyclesonde data into the layers of the model are shown in Table 3. Recall that vertical diffusion is defined as thedifference in the stresses between the upper and lower levels of each layer.

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Ratio of the amplitude of the low frequency tidal constituents, between thereference run Ref and runs 5 R5 and 7 R7for the u and ii fields for the 8 modellayers.

Timeis in Julian days for The depths for layers are given inthe lower right-hand corner of each frame. The wind and runoffcome also from actual observations during fm-n2s period of time.

The two vertical lines delimit the range of tidal excursions in the model. Their criticism and suggestions, especiallywhile writing, were always very helpful. This 3-D model requires horizontaleddy viscosity to maintain numerical stability, the 2-D model does not: